Ovalhouse presents 
19 February - 9 March    Tues-Sat     8pm
Previews 19 & 20 February

Written and performed by Emma Adams

Directed by Sarah Applewhite

Somewhere out there in the future a woman called Emma and a sentient vacuum cleaner called Hooverdroid have fallen in love.

This future-queer love affair brings joy, heartache, hard-drive overload and internment… Against all the odds a biobot-hoover-baby is born.

It's an absolute scandal. Thank goodness all other evidence of Emma and Hooverdroid's love has been destroyed.

Or has it?

One woman. Music. Filthy language.

Musings on eugenics, personhood, memory and the beauty of otherness.
Analogue nerdism.
Time Travel.
And a plea for love and understanding between all in our LGBT-QWERTY world.

Be prepared for utter silliness, but silliness with intelligence and the power to move emotionally.” Laura Ennor, The List

Freakoid is part of the Ovalhouse's Counterculture 50 season, for more information on the whole season please click here.

To book tickets for Freakoid click just here.

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